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We Care! As a FREE community service, Home Sweet Home Care gladly offers assistance with referrals and information to seniors and healthcare professionals serving the geriatric population. These referrals include a broad scope of services, including issues related to health, housing, safety, social and psychological.

 One of the other experienced staff members will perform the initial on-site visit to review the care that is requested. They will spend the time you need to make the right decisions for you and your particular needs.

The companions and homemakers who work with us have prior experience and provide exemplary care for the clients they serve. We are confident that we have the most caring and reliable service providers in the area.

Home Sweet Home Care prides itself in being able to fill cases immediately in emergency situations.

Home Sweet Home Care is able to provide service throughout Connecticut.

Home Sweet Home Care compensates the caregivers, who work as independent contractors, with some of the highest rates of pay in the field. This ensures retention of qualified and dedicated home care providers.

Home Sweet Home Care is in full compliance with Connecticut state statutes concerning hands-on care.